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Residential Solar Power

At Suncatcher Energy, we are passionate about providing you with the most trusted, renewable energy solutions available. We love helping our residential customers in Salt Lake City, UT, make the switch from traditional energy sources to solar power systems.

Our approach is simple: we believe that quality products and customer service are the key to success. Our team of experts will help you navigate through all of your options so that you can make an informed decision about how to power your home with renewable energy.

Solar power systems

Solar Power Systems

If you are looking to lower your energy costs while simultaneously combating climate change, a solar power system could be the right choice for you. We market, sell and install photovoltaic solar power systems that range from 3kW home/business rooftop systems

Utility Bill Analysis

A utility bill analysis can determine any errors and potentially save you money. We provide this service through our partnership with Nationwide Utility Consulting (NUC), a company nationally-renowned for their expertise in utility billing. They will review your utility bills for errors, hidden costs, and overcharges, which are found in 90% of utility bills.

What Does a Utility Bill Analysis Involve?

A utility bill analysis reviews your electric, water, natural gas, telephone, sewer, and storm sewer bills, checking for any errors or issues. NUC’s staff of analysts and engineers are knowledgeable about utility billing algorithms, as well as the rules, tariffs, requirements, service schedules, and laws that they must abide by.

What is the Cost?

There are no out-of-pocket or upfront costs for a utility bill analysis and it can actually benefit everyone involved. You can receive a portion of the refund and the ongoing savings every month, and we take a portion of those savings for a specific length of time. Meanwhile, the utility company is able to stay in compliance.

Why Should I Have an Energy Audit?

An energy audit will provide a high level of detail on your facility’s wasted energy and its carbon footprint. We will provide recommendations, possible solutions, impacts on the cost of a solar power system, and a cost/benefit analysis based on this information.

What Are the Different Types of Energy Audits?

Various associations can prepare many types of energy audits and processes. We perform most audits ourselves at no cost to the customer, and partner with the University of Utah for larger companies.

Typical energy audits include:

  • US Green Building Council Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) certified audit
  • Association of Energy Engineers certified audit
  • Green Global certified audit for motels and hotels
  • ASHRAE Level I, II, or III audit
Utility analysis

To get started with a utility bill analysis or energy audit, contact us today!

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