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Commercial solar panels installed by Suncatcher Energy

Commercial Solar & Electric Solutions

At Suncatcher Energy, we offer trusted, renewable energy solutions. Located in Salt Lake County, UT, we have the resources and capabilities to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, and residential customers nationwide. We can work closely with you to implement solar power systems, electric vehicle charging stations, and energy-efficient lighting. Our team will guide you through every step, from initial consultation to installation, maintenance, and beyond.

Solar Power Systems

If you are looking to lower your energy costs while simultaneously combating climate change, then you may be interested in a solar power system. We market, sell, and install photovoltaic solar power systems as small as 3kW or as large as 2mW for home/business rooftop systems and as large as ground mount power systems in any area deemed suitable. We offer a 25-year warranty on all production, equipment, and installation.

Commercial solar power systems

Our Process

Below is our general process for implementing solar power systems. We may modify this plan depending on the specifications of your building and needs.

Starting Your Project

No two solar energy systems look exactly alike. Our approach ensures you get maximum value from your investment.

  • Needs Analysis 
  • Energy Audits 
  • Energy Usage Analysis 
  • System Engineering & Design

Funding Your Project

Making your solar system truly sustainable is about affordability just as much as environmental impact. We’ll identify the best financing strategy for you and secure incentives that dramatically reduce costs.

  • Federal and State Tax Incentives MACRS
  • Power Purchase Agreements 

Installing Your System

Our team will procure and install each component of your system in line with the expectations we’ve laid out throughout the process.

  • 15 Minute Interval Meter Readout to Considerably Reduce Demand
  • Battery Storage
  • Carports
  • Battery Storage to Reduce Demand Charges, and for Disaster Backup

Installing Your System

Project completion is only the beginning of our relationship. We’ll always be there to keep your system at maximum performance.

  • > 85% Year One Production Guarantee
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • 25-Year Panel and Inverter Warranty
  • Repair and
  • Maintenance Service
  • 10-Year or Less Payback

BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) Benefits

We use batteries to eliminate “demand charges” for businesses. With the addition of a battery to your solar power system, you can be independent from the electrical grid. Batteries draw power during darker hours, and when the power grid goes down, they can prevent critical and costly interruptions. Generally, systems installed by other companies do not work at all when the power goes out.


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Solar energy battery power solutions for an office space
Electric vehicle charging

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Additional Services

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

We work with a variety of vendors that provide electric vehicle charging stations and can even have them “white labeled” for you depending on the size of the order. We will work to get them delivered and installed at little or no cost to you.

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Energy-Efficient Lighting

For commercial customers, we will consider your lighting and, if it is not LED, we will include replacement lighting in the proposal. The lighting your building or facility uses can affect the total cost of solar. With energy-efficient, LED lighting, we can ultimately save you money.

Utility Bill & Energy Audit

An energy audit or assessment is a complete walkthrough and detailed review of your facility by an individual or team. Most audits will go through at least six parts of your facility, in addition to your equipment. Instruments may be used to measure aspects of your building and equipment.

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