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EV Charging station in Sandy, UT

Providing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Salt Lake City, UT

Vehicle charging stations are becoming increasingly crucial for businesses. With more and more customers and employees going green and buying electric vehicles, having charging stations readily available retain current customers and employees and attract new ones.

At Suncatcher Energy, we offer various services to help you install electric vehicle charging seamlessly, with minimal or no trenching. We can also work to deliver and install your charging stations at little or no cost. Plus, several rebates and tax credits are available for you to take advantage of.

EV Charging Station Services

Suncatcher Energy is your go-to source for electric vehicle charging stations in Salt Lake City. We provide and install EV charging stations, with the ability to white label them depending on the size of the order. We also offer financing, energy management, and programmable software, so that you can start with one charger and easily add more when needed. Our team offers top quality workmanship, and will ensure that your charging stations are up and running quickly and efficiently.

EV Charging Station | Sandy, UT

Benefits of EV Charging Station Installation

Did you know that businesses that install EV charging stations can receive rebates of up to 75% of the charging station cost, a 30% federal tax credit, and the ability to write off the chargers in as little as one year? It’s true. Additionally, minimal or no trenching is required, financing is available, and businesses can start with one charger and easily add more when needed. Energy management and programmable software can also be used to maximize charging efficiency.

Moreover, installing EV charging stations can help businesses attract EV drivers looking for places to charge while shopping or working. This can turn the charging station into a profit center. Furthermore, many employees are looking for a new EV pickup or car, and customers are increasingly buying EVs. With manufacturers ramping production, installing EV charging stations can position businesses at the forefront of this growing market.

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