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Suncatcher is in the business of saving everyone money and helping them do their bit in mitigating climate change. This is our mission and we are passionate about it 

We want your business and your trust.

How We Think


Responsive, Listening, Professional, Understanding, Flexible, Thinking Out of the Box

No matter what we do for you, we respond to you and work with you during the entire process and long after! 

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We work with Homeowners, Businesses, Industrial, , Nonprofits, Farms, Schools and Government Agencies. We are very active in all of these entity types. .

We  have been doing work in the renewable energy business and utility bill analysis for well over 6 years. We work with homeowners but unlike other solar companies we really know the small to midsize business. We have the best financing available. and we take our time to make sure everything we do is right for your business. We understand business and your need to increase traffic, decrease expenses and grow. We want to be part of everyone's solution. We promise to do right by you.


We are an Independent Energy Solutions Company working with our partners to save you money and combat climate change.

We want to help you save money, grow your company, improve profitability and provide a positive impact on climate change in the process. We do this in many different ways that requires no cash out of pocket. The savings to start day 1, customers will notice day 1 and the payback on any equipment, if needed, will be less than 5 years. No one in the business can and/or will provide the solutions we do.