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About Us

Flexible, Available, Caring, Responsive, Patient

We are an independent Solar Company that will use the installation services of the best of the best. We are not cookie cutter and have the ability to make decisions right on the spot, We are able to recommend solutions,,options, modifications, ideas and alternatives. Flexibility is one of our strongest attributes.

The Owner and Project Manager

Curt Van Hove is the Owner of the company. Curt has considerable experience working with renewable energy, businesses, farms nonprofits and government agencies He has an MBA and was management consultant, CEO, General Manager and an IT CIO. He has owned several other businesses in the past.

We will provide your business immediate positive cash flow

Our experience, education and attitude gives the ability to help your organization save money immediately by using renewable energy all while contributing to positive environmental change every day. 

Financing Options

A typical roof mounted system . This could be a home or business

Our Financing Objectives

First off, we are constantly looking for, creating and developing new ways to finance your system and STILL provide you with positive cash flow as close to day one as possible. No other company focus's on financing like we do. We want to save you money and clean up the environment. Please Call or Email us for more information on any financing programs or options. 

Our Flagship PPA/Lease Buyout Program

We will save you money every month guaranteed with this program!

  1. We will install a Solar Power System on your facility at no cost to you. 
  2. We calculate you average monthly power bill over the last 12 months. Each month you would pay us 70% of that amount for your power.
  3. After 6 years you can purchase the system at fair market value or at a predetermined price whichever is less.
  4. After 10 years you can purchase the system at fair market value or at a lower predetermined price whichever is less.
  5. After 14 years you can purchase the system for $1.
  6. A model diagram of the participants is in the PPA/Lease section under the Financing Tab.
  7. Not available for homes. Sorry

USDA REAP grant program

The US Department of Agriculture provide Grants and loans to Farmers anywhere and Business located towns of less than 50,000 people. The grant is for 25% of the cost of the Renewable Energy Power System and the loan can be for up to 75% of the system cost. We have applied for and were awarded these for companies in Utah. We know how to fill out the application and can help your company obtain a high score.

We would love to work with you to fill out an app at no cost to you, of course.

Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) Blue Sky program

This award is available via the generosity of RMP subscribers who contribute to a fund which RMP uses to help companies switch to renewable energy alternatives such as rooftop solar. The grant can be up to 100% of the system cost but is generally around 50% to 75% .

We have worked with nonprofits and other organizations in applying for this award and are more than happy to work with your organization at no cost.

State of Utah C-PACE program

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) This is a financing program which is renewable energy nationwide and the State of Utah is a local sponsor. It uses independents lenders but has many advantages over goring directly to the lenders. One big advantage is that the loan is tied to the building not the owner or tenant. No Liens, either and no personal or business credit checks. It is the financial health of the building. There are many more and we have worked with the State since the C-PACE inception in Utah and understand it very well. We also work with the State in recommending improvements affecting businesses.

For Homes - 18 month no interest no payments loan

When you decide to install rooftop solar on your home financing is a major issue because it is not cheap and few of us have that kind of money available but it will replace your power bill and the money comes available to help make the payments. We provide an immediate loan from Dividend Financial. This loan provides no payments no interest for 18 months.This give you and us time to wok together to find viable long term financing which would be close to your current power bill. We work with you.

A Bit More About Us and How We Think

Responsive, Listening, Professional, Understanding, Flexible, Thinking Out of the Box


We respond to you and work with you all during the entire process and long after!

We focus on Commercial, Nonprofits, Farms, Schools and Government Agencies


We  have been doing working in the renewable energy business for well over 5 years and really focus on the small to mid size entity. We have the best financing available. We take our time in order to make sure everything we do is right for your business.

Many Financing Options and 25 Year Guarantee


We have many ways to finance your Solar Power System. We work with you to obtain grants and incentives. We work hard to provide you immediate positive cash flow. See our financing page for all of our plans available. No one in the business can provide the alternatives we have for you.

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