The smoke from the forest fires in specific areas of the west which are caused in part by global warming is covering a much larger wider part of the west. The smoke is covering the sun so the solar panels on rooftops as well as the RMP solar farms cannot get any sun to power our buildings.

Because of the accompanying heat wave caused by none other than – Yup, you guessed it – global warming – we are using high amounts of electricity.

Since our solar panels are not now able to produce clean power, we must get it from Rocky Mountain Power who uses coal fired polluting generators. This adds more carbon and pollutants to the air which fuels global warming – and around and around and around it goes. We need to clean up our act to stop global warming no matter the cost!

Note: Salt Lake is gray with smoke. It is like the Mount St. Helens days, but we are going to live with it during the summer, forever. P.S. June was the hottest month on record in Utah!