Summary of Suncatcher's Businesses


Synopsis of what we do

  • We serve homeowners, all size businesses, industrial, manufacturing, nonprofits, farms and government agencies. We truly understand the SMB market for solar because out primary focus was on the sector for years.

  • Homeowners get the same treatment and process as the business owner just on a smaller scale.

  • We perform a complete utility bill analysis on all of your utility bills.via National Utility Consultants. Click on the company name to learm more.

  • We perform ASHRAE Level 1 or !! energy assessments and audits at no cost for every customer. We do most of this ourselves but for larger companies we partner with the University of Utah.

  • We market, sell and install photovoltaic solar power systems. We install as small as a 3kW home/business rooftop system up through a large ground mount power system in any area deemed suitable.

  • Financing is one of our strengths. Financing for npn residential solar power systems under $500,000 is hard to find. This is our sweet spot for businesses. We are able to provide more financing types/methods via many financial institutions for this sector than any other solar company. A few types of financial are; PPA's, leases, bank loans, lease buyouts, grants, C-PACE and more. We are very creative as we strive for immediate positive cashflow and the quickest possible payback.

  • In all but homes we look at the lighting and if it is not LED we will included replacement lighting in the proposal. We do that because lighting saves so much money on the total cost of solar.

  • We recommend the homeowner, also, replace their lighting with LED lighting

  • We work with many different vendors that provide Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. We can even have them 'white labeled" for you depending on the size of the order. We also will work at getting them to you and installed at little or no cost to you.