You Have Big Problem Lurking!

You will eventually Install Car Charging Stations

But unless you are using Solar to power your building Two BAD things will happen.

    1. Your Power Bill will increase because you will increase your Demand Charges
    2. Unless you have Solar on your Building you will be adding even more to Global Warming


We Can Help!

We want to be your Renewable Energy Agent and Consultant.

We are Experts in The Renewable Energy Sector, Including Solar, EV, V2G Charging, Energy Conservation, HVAC, Building Envelope Sustainability and more.

We will keep your power bill as low as possible

There are several different companies doing solar and Car Charging Stations.

We do both as well as solar batteries. Very few companies understand the big picture and what the future holds.

We partner with many companies to get the right fit for your business.

We are the solution for all of your Renewable Energy Products.

Call, Text, or Email Me Now

Curt Van Hove         801-255-2888

Licensed Utah Solar Photovoltaic, Small Business, Engineering and Residential Contractor

Our Approach

  • Work together on a short- and long-term plan for using renewable energy effectively in your business. We want it to be an income provider instead of an expense.
  • Discuss and determine Initial Scope of your project (No Charge)
  • Perform an Energy Assessment/Audit (No Charge -$1500 Value)
  • Perform HVAC checkup. (No Charge – $1,000 Value)
  • Review your annual power usage in “15 minute” increments to see exactly when your Demand Charges are occurring. (No Charge)
  • Perform detailed analysis of Objectives, Timing, Funding, Vision and more. (No Charge)
  • Perform a detailed analysis of your power bills. (No Charge)
  • Educate you and EV’s and EV Charging industry now and the future and what the effect will be on your business.
  • Install LED Lighting, if not already done. (You get RMP rebate)
  • Based on size of Demand Charges, determine if Demadex software should be installed to reduce Demand by up to 30%.
  • Evaluate and determine what remedies any issues found during the audit and if a solar power system should be proposed.
  • Determine the type of batteries that should be installed, if needed. If so, what size will reduce remaining demand charges and provide backup.

Working with Us and our Partners

  • Responsive, Communicative, Trustworthy, Business Experience
  • We are an experienced knowledgeable partner that knows business and commercial solar. We bring in experts in their field.
  • We have many lenders to work with.
  • Approachable, Adaptable, Caring, Responsible.
  • Do the Job RIGHT with ongoing follow-up.