Solar power is energy that is derived from sunlight and that has been used since the beginning of mankind.  Unlike traditional fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, and natural gas), solar energy is renewable and abundant.

Additionally, fossil fuels are also known to give off polluting emissions that damage our environment whereas solar power is natural, clean, and eco-friendly.

With solar power being an effective, eco-friendly, and economical form of energy, more individuals and businesses are choosing to install commercial and residential solar power systems, which are comprised of solar panels.

Suncatcher Energy has been offering solar panel installation services to clients located throughout the state of Utah. As an experienced solar panel installer, we have the dependable services you need to add solar panels to your residential & commercial property.

Solar Panel Installation

Looking for the perfect solution to reduce your monthly utility bills, increase your property value, and take a proactive stance toward environmental responsibility? Solar panel installation is the answer! Residential & commercial solar panels are an affordable, clean, and green source of energy for homes large and small. Our solar projects balance efficiency and beauty. We want you to see the return on your investment as well as enjoy the beautiful, clean edge of a sleek, modern system that everyone will be inspired by. We want to increase your curb appeal as we install your residential & commercial solar system and make you proud to say “We’ve gone solar”! At Suncatcher Energy, we are proud to offer our clients some of the most affordable and efficient solar panels on the market. When you choose to install rooftop solar panels with Suncatcher Energy, you can rest assured that you will be producing clean energy with some of the most advanced solar technology on the market.

Residential Solar Services

Homeowners can now break free from their utility company thanks to home solar panel installations. Suncatcher Energy is committed to helping homeowners leverage the immense power of solar to help them take control of their energy costs. With many years of experience in solar panel installation, Suncatcher Energy is the best solar panel contractor in Utah. Looking for solar providers near you? Well, look no further; Suncatcher Energy has got you covered. In an industry with many solar panel contractors, several qualities make us stand out from other solar installers. For one, we have a comprehensive and client-specific home solar installation plan. Many solar panel contractors in Utah use a one-size-fits-all plan and ignore the nitty-gritty. In addition to this, we do not assume to know what you need. Our certified and reliable technicians will visit your home to establish your solar needs.

Commercial Solar Services

Any smart business owner in Utah will be looking for ways to reduce operating costs while improving cash flow by hiring commercial solar contractors. As a commercial solar installer, Suncatcher Energy is a leader among commercial solar energy companies in Utah. We help you invest in the future by installing commercial solar panels on your business premises. We offer our services to commercial property owners throughout Utah. As a commercial solar panel installer, our goal is to enable you to take advantage of solar power and use it as a way to cut your long-term energy costs. Installing commercial solar panels is also a bold statement of your commitment to social responsibility and sustainable business practices. Our state-of-the-art commercial solar panels and systems are designed to consistently supply your power needs on daily basis. You may choose between a solar energy system that supplements your electricity needs and one that fully covers your operations.