We will install a Solar Power System on your Building at No Cost

PPA / Lease Buyout Program

Are you looking to lower your energy costs and reduce your power bill? Suncatcher Energy offers clients the energy savings they deserve through our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This has become our flagship financial program. Available for nonprofit and commercial customers only, this program will save you money every month, guaranteed.
Suncatcher Energy is an independent solar energy company located in Salt Lake County, UT.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and what is a Lease Buyout?

They are the same with 1 minor difference and that is the name. Legally, businesswise and government requirements state that a PPA is a name for this program’s use with nonprofit organizations, and Lease Buyout is to be used for Commercial entities.

Through this program, we fund the cost of adding rooftop solar to your buildings. There is no financing or cash needed from you. The engineering, permitting, design equipment, installation, maintenance, warranty, and inspection costs are borne by us.

PPAs and Lease Buyouts are quite common across the United States, but what sets ours apart is the short length of time between product installation and you own the system. We offer you an immediate 30% lower monthly payment, three possible buyout options, and a 72 month (6 years) contract length, ( the minimum time required by the IRS) and a number of low-cost buyout options for this type of program.

What are the advantages of Suncatcher Energy’s PPA?

Your monthly energy costs will decrease by 30%

After 72 months (six years) you can purchase your system

We offer a number of low cost buyout options

With our PPA, you make a fixed monthly payment to us equal to 30% less than your current average annual power bill during the last 12 months. After 72 months (6 years), the entire system can be turned to you based on an option selected at contract discussion. All warranties and guarantees would remain in place and your payback is incredible — the system guarantee and warranties are for 25 years.

In addition:

PPA/Lease Buyout Program

  • We will install a solar power system on your facility at no cost to you.
  • We will calculate your average monthly power bill over the last 12 months. Each month, you will pay us 70% of that amount for your power, with no escelation. 
  • This program does not create a tax liability for your business. It is our objective to make it as easy and workable as possible for everyone involved.
  • If you get batteries, which eliminate “demand” charges, you could also use the stored power for most of your nighttime, power outages and disaster recovery.
  • After 6 years, you can purchase the system using one of any number of low cost buyout options.
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