Our Renewable Energy Process


If someone wants to entertain the idea of installing solar this the master process flow we follow but we as experienced project managers will deviate from this depending on each situation. We will draw a flow specific to your situation at the beginning of the project.

1. Perform a complete utility bill analysis and implement any changes This activity is defined in the Utility Bill Analysis section.

2. Perform an ASHRAE Level I or Level II Energy Audit at no charge to you.

3. While performing the above 2 items. further discuss your business, your goals, objectives, customers, facilities, future plans, what is in and what is out, types of proposals, etc. Educate what is available and pro's and con's, etc.In other words a complete definition of what your vision is when we are completed and 5-25 years from now.

4. With the information gathered from the first 3 items. discuss each item thoroughly and come to some preliminary conclusion or what should be done and the impacts on all aspects of the business. perform cost/benefit analysis and determine a future plan for all items discussed.

5. Using the information obtained from all of the above prepare a set of proposals.

6. Review the proposals and work through the best options. Determine the best financing program and based on having all the numbers available perform complete financial analysis of available grants, Payback, IRR, ROI, Cash, Purchase, PPA, Lease, off balance sheet or on balance sheet financing, funding sources, rate, term,fit into the company financial plans,etc.

7. Continue to modify every aspect of the product with the entire project team, think out of the box, Perform any number of iterations of number 6 until it is decide to forgo the project until a different time, implement pieces of the project or implement a complete solution. 

8. Prepare a plan for ongoing implementation and maintenance.

9. Sign all paperwork and and begin the implementation process. Suncatcher has been running this process and will continue to oversee the implementation for you. During this entire process we will be in communication with you providing both good and bad information. Any issues arising we all work them out together because it could easily cost someone.

10. Sign off on the project and begin followup and ongoing monitoring. Suncatcher sales person will be the ongoing point of contact during the followup. We will be with you and available 24/7.