Our Philosophy and Committment


As we continue to say we are an independent energy efficiency company. We emphasize the word independent because we a beholding to no company or person except the customer.. We are very proud of this because it benefits all of our stakeholders.

Independence gives us the flexibility to find and present solutions that will satisfy your goals and objectives with our compromise except for technology and cost. 

We think out of the box,

Most all renewable energy companies have captive sales and implementation teams that must follow their rules, pricing and process and and in some cases it is not in you best interest for the long term. We will work with you and for you to develop a list of benefits, objective and long term goals. 

We use a methodology and process dedicated to your individual situation. and the companies we work with must adhere to a cooperative method of doing business. We are the "glue" and are involved in the entire process.  We include or exclude several activities so our process is tailored to your project. 

Many of our activities cost you nothing because we believe they are the right thing to do. Our process helps insure you are getting the most savings ans energy saving solution available.

Finally, we get to know you and your business because everything we do integrates with it, including your finances,, objectives, goals and stakeholders. It should fit with both your short term tactical and long term business plans.

With our backgrounds in business, finance, management consulting, finance and entrepreneurial endeavors we are able to understand you and help with solutions that save you money and the environment.