This is what’s happening because of global warming. In 1999, I was part owner of a houseboat on the lake. Today very few boats of any type can get on the lake. There is talk of draining it to add 3 feet of water to Lake Mead. Sorry kids one of things my generation had to enjoy but you never will because we screwed up your planet and didn’t want to fix it! We thought a 529 was more important. Curt


The Salt Lake Tribune

Lake Powell will soon hit its lowest level since Glen Canyon Dam started trapping the Colorado River’s water in 1963 — even with emergency releases of water from reservoirs upstream.

The Bureau of Reclamation announced Thursday that the lake elevation will soon drop below 3,555.1 feet above sea level, the record set in 2005, back near the start of a 20-year dry cycle plaguing the Colorado River Basin.

“Lake Powell’s elevation is expected to drop another two feet by the end of July, and will likely continue to decline until next year’s spring runoff into the Colorado River begins,” the bureau said in a news release.

The level has dropped 145 vertical feet since 1999, when the lake was full. Since then, Lake Pow=ell — straddling the Utah-Arizona border — has lost about 16 million acre-feet and is just 33% full. On Thursday, the elevation was 3,555.55 feet, less than 6 inches above the record low