We perform a complimentary ASHRAE Level I or II Energy Audit


What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit or assessment, as some like to call it, is a complete walk through of your facility by an individual or team  following a prescribed format at a specified level of detail. Most all audits will go through at least 6 parts of your facility in addition to your equipment. It is the level of detail that the audit is known for. Instruments can be used to measure many aspects of your building and equipment. 

Whatever is used or how detail the audit is will provide you with the level of contribution your facility contributes to wasted energy and your contribution to the negatives of climate change. We provide recommendations, possible solutions,impacts on the cost of a solar power system and a cost/benefit analysis.

What are the types of Energy Audits?

There are many types of energy audits and audit processes  prepared by many different associations. You can do a simple non certified audit all the way to an extensive certified  one using an auditor certified to perform that audit and provide you with a certification.

Typical certifications are 1. a US Green Building Council Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) certified audit. 2. a Association of Energy Engineers Certified Audit. 3. A Green Global Certified audit for motels and hotels. 4. an ASHRAE Level I, II  or III audit, to just name a few.

Why do one on my facility?

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Who does this audit?

What if you find issues, problems, improvements to be made or other recommendations?

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